Cool idea for a live home or office decoration? How about a bonsai tree

The Japanese art of bonsai originally derived from the Chinese practice of penjing. From the 6th century onwards, Imperial embassy personnel and Buddhist students from Japan had been visiting and returning from mainland China, bringing back souvenirs that included container plantings.At least 17 diplomatic missions were specifically sent from Japan to the Tang court between the years 603 and 839

An 800 year-old Bonsai tree at Shunkaen, by Kunio Kobayashi

) Bonsai master Kimura

Bonsai Tree Covered in Ice

Bonsai Trees Grown on Slanted Rock

Bonsai Tree Turned into a Living World

Bonsai Tree Turned into Hobbit House

Brazilian rain tree, by Budi Sulistyo

Chinese styled trees; a Penjing landscape by Yee-sun Wu

Famous Bonsai; a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum), by Walter Pall

Flowering Bonsai, by Wolfgang Putz

Mame Bonsai display, by Morten Albek

Pinus Silvestris, by Stefano Frisoni

Small Bonsai; a Shohin tree by Morten Albek

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